There are multiple reasons for taking classes with the Tibetan Online School. If you begin learning Tibetan language with our program, it will allow you to learn spoken Tibetan, written Tibetan, and Tibetan grammar simultaneously.

If you have previously studied Tibetan language and have already reached a certain level, it might not be useful for you to review certain lessons you have already seen. Your teacher will design lessons that match your needs and your level of knowledge.

If you have studied at an institution or studied on your own, you should still practice the language so that you can work on your pronunciation and improve your conversational Tibetan. Some of our advanced students are still taking classes with our teachers to maintain their current level.

Are there grammar lessons you found complicated to understand at first sight? Don’t worry! Your teacher will make you work on your grammar by re-explaining the rules and making you practice via exercises and homework that go along with their comments and corrections.

At the Tibetan Online School, you can choose to study either through a personalised program adapted to your level of knowledge or through our progressive teaching method specially developed by our teachers for beginning students.

Do you want to learn Tibetan language while studying Buddhism at the same time? Those with doctorates in Buddhist philosophy teach in our school. Geshes are providing courses and continually supervising their students.

We do our best to make sure that our students keep the same teacher throughout the learning process. We work hard to create a pleasant work atmosphere. So please give us a try! The first class is free.