Tibetan Online Class

Tibetan Online Class

Skype:  We use Skype for our online classes. Each student should have a computer, an internet connection, and should have previously downloaded and installed Skype on his computer in order to be able to start classes. Using Skype is free (https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/) —there is no additional fee apart from your usual internet connexion.

Online Class Hours
Classes start at 8:30 AM (Delhi Time) and will take place continuously without interruption throughout the day till 9:30 PM (Delhi time) from Monday to Saturday.

What are the benefits of taking private online classes?
Online classes are private, which allows the student to have direct contact with the teacher and to be able to progress at his or her own pace. In a regular classroom with many students, it’s not always possible to ask the teacher all the questions we would like to. Moreover, sometimes when we didn’t understand a lesson, the teacher is not always able to explain it again because he has to follow a schedule for the entire class.

On the other hand, during a private class the situation is different, as you are the only student. You can ask your online teacher to explain a lesson that was not really clear to you (in case you are engaged in higher Tibetan language studies in some universities, for example) or ask your teacher to give you some additional exercises and homework or to provide you some further explanations. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your teacher—it is necessary if you want to improve.

The first class is free
In order to get to know your teacher and to determine your needs and level, the school is offering you your first class (for approximately 1 hour). Later, the teacher will be able to evaluate your level and guide you gradually.

Tibetan Class
Our teachers come from Tibet and speak English fluently. Classes are taught in Tibetan. However, it is possible to get some explanations in English if it is necessary.